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Getting the Goods on Property Taxes


For those who own real estate, property taxes are the fundamental hallmark of realty ownership. No matter where in the world a person goes, they will find nearly every country has some form of property tax and that each has their own way of formulating contributions. In countries like the United States, property taxes are levied using the land or real estate's value. The value is figured with a thorough appraisal by a tax assessor from an area taxation office. While the rates can vary from one jurisdiction to another, they are typically applied in the form of a percentage. These taxes are paid on an annual basis.

Property taxes help to fund the budget for the immediate community. City parks, libraries and other publicly used venues and services depend on the generation of property taxes in order to exist. When a tax assessor looks to establish what a property is worth, they will generally start by determining both the value of the building and the land on which it sits. This information is often compared to figures from the year before. Once all the necessary data is formulated, property taxes can be levied and collected by the appropriate officials. Most areas provide an appeal process for property owners wishing to challenge the assessed amount.

There are a number of things that can affect property taxes both positively and negatively. This can include but is not limited to:

• Changing property market values in the immediate area
• Shifts in market value of surrounding areas
• State, county or municipal budget or levy changes
• The approval of a school, annexation or other referendum
• Special assessments such as sidewalks, gutters or other improvements to a neighborhood

In most instances, property owners have a say when factors develop that affect the amount of taxes residents will pay. In most instances, they either condone or reject proposals that will raise their taxes by voting on the issue.

Other types of property taxes have to do with the ownership of personal property such as cars, boats and even airplanes. Personal items found in a household are exempt from this tax, however. For businesses, a property tax can be levied based on the certain types of inventory it uses to operate. As these taxes are typically levied by states, the percentage rates will often vary. The tax is typically paid on an annual basis. It is not uncommon for both cities and states to try and attract new residents and businesses with the promise of lower property taxes.

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Coweta County Property Taxes News

Coweta County set to adopt budget Sept. 16 - The

Coweta County set to adopt budget Sept. 16
Coweta County commissioners are expected to adopt a $65 million FY 2015 general fund budget on Sept. 16. The $2.6 million increase in revenues over FY 2014 will come largely from increases in property taxes, license and permits. The revenue increase ...

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Pinewood exec lauds impact of filmmaking
Newnan Times-Herald
“That impact is sitting on only 60 acres out of 300,” he said, referencing the Pinewood property in Fayette County. ... California is now seriously considering tax credits for the entertainment industry after seeing the impact they have played in the ...


County passes $65M budget - The

County passes $65M budget
The $2.6 million increase in revenues over the $62.34 million FY 2014 budget comes mainly from a $2 million increase in property taxes and a $715,000 increase in licenses and permits. Wilson said the increase in property taxes stems from an increase in ...


County OKs $66M general fund budget - Newnan Times-Herald

County OKs $66M general fund budget
Newnan Times-Herald
Property taxes are predicted to be up 6.36 percent, or just over $2 million. Last month, the commissioners voted to keep last year's same property tax millage rate, instead of going with the “rollback rate,” which would have netted the same amount of ...

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60 foreclosures listed - Newnan Times-Herald

60 foreclosures listed
Newnan Times-Herald
When a property owner goes several years without paying property taxes, the county can put the property up for a tax sale. Someone can buy a tax deed by paying the ... Coweta County held a large tax sale in August 2013. Last month, there were three ...